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We understand that our contractors are as important as all of our candidates, if not more. We work hard for you and offer an exceptional service that is transparent and focused.

We ensure that you are looked after and that at the end of the day you are paid for your hard work. Unlike other contract administrators, we not only ensure your’re paid on time, but we also pay things like your Super monthly, not every quarter.

Our employment portal is also available to you online 24/7. This gives you access to all of the documents you may require from payslips, annual statements, entitlements and more.

And of course, our professional management team is always available to you for anything you need.

We offer complete Payroll Administration Services, including but not limited to:

Staff on-boarding
Payroll Administration
Net Wages Payment Weekly
Expense reimbursement
Entitlements – lodging and payments
PAYG Tax instalments

Payroll Tax instalments
GST payment
Workers Compensation Insurance
Superannuation registration and payments
Group Certificates

Reach out to us and take the next step in your technology career.

Our specialised consultants are here to source and ensure the right candidate for your organisation

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